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AI, the Brain and Elon Musk’s New Venture


Awesome, not awesome.

“AI has the potential to help us to understand [the inner and outer world] better. As we discover more about the learning process itself and compare it to the human brain, we could one day attain a better understanding of what makes us unique, including shedding light on such enduring mysteries of the mind as dreaming, creativity and perhaps one day even consciousness.” — Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind.Learn More on Financial Times >

#Not Awesome
“Consider a scenario in which the defense attorney calls a developer of a neural-network-based risk assessment tool to the witness stand to challenge the “high risk” score that could affect her client’s sentence. On the stand, the engineer could tell the court how the neural network was designed, what inputs were entered, and what outputs were created in a specific case. However, the engineer could not explain the software’s decision-making process… How could an appeals court know if the tool decided that socioeconomic factors, a constitutionally dubious input, determined a defendant’s risk to society?” — Jason Tashea, Writer.Learn More on WIRED >

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What we’re reading.

1/ Tim Urban simplifies everything you need to know about the human brain and the “mind-bending bigness” of Elon Musk’s new brain-machine interface company. Learn More on WaitButWhy > (quite long)

2/ AI allows us to process data at such a massive scale that our understanding of even the most simple situations are being shattered. Learn More on Backchannel >

3/ YouTube rolls out a machine learning system that pulls ads from channels without explanation, leaving indie media creators scrambling to find new revenue streams. Learn More on The New York Times >

4/ Facebook is relying heavily on its Artificial Intelligence Research team to lead breakthroughs in computer sight, thought, and speech to create an even bigger moat for its competitors to cross. Learn More on BuzzFeed >

5/ Researchers in Mexico are using machine learning to predict where the mass graves of 30,000 people missing due to drug-related violence might be hidden. Learn More on Quartz >

6/ Facebook is full on robbing Snapchat of its most well-known features and bets that its massive network and world-class artificial intelligence will protect it from smaller, more inventive companies in the future. Learn More on The New York Times >

Links from the community.

“Neural networks made easy” by Ophir Tanz (@OphirTanz). Learn More on TechCrunch >

“Advances in human wisdom will help solve AI challenge” submitted by Oscar Barlow (@mr_oscar). Learn More on the Financial Times >

“Learning AI if You Suck at Math” submitted by Darren Angle (@_darrenangle). Learn More on Hacker Noon >

“Python Plays GTA V” submitted by Samiur Rahman (@samiur1204). Learn More on Python Programming >

“AI Isn’t Smart Enough (Yet) To Spot Horrific Videos” submitted by Avi Eisenberger (@aeisenberger). Learn More on WIRED >

“Capital One Seals Tech Street Cred With Forays in AI” by Mariya Yao (@thinkmariya). Learn More on TOPBOTS >

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