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Answering your most asked question

Happy Monday!

Very excited to write to you again in our 2nd ever Machine Learnings Medium Letter!

Over the past few months, many of you have asked, “are you working on anything in addition to Machine Learnings?”

We can finally share that we’re building Journal to help you see and search all your important work in one place.

Get early accessorwatch the video we made this weekend for a sneak peak 🙂

Awesome, not awesome.

“By training a machine-learning algorithm on the two streams, the team reasoned the algorithm could teach itself to [detect a worrisome heart condition] from Apple Watch data. A test on readings from about 50 people seemed to bear that out — the algorithm was 97 percent accurate in flagging cardiac fibrillation [which often produces no noticeable symptoms]” — Michael Reilly, EditorLearn More on MIT Technology Review >

#Not Awesome
“A common answer to the fear that artificial intelligence will take over jobs is that machines are most likely to take over the types of tedious, repetitive tasks that humans find boring. Humans don’t want to do these jobs, the argument goes, so this isn’t a great loss… But that misses an essential point that anyone who has worked their way up in a career knows: All that grunt work is actually instructive for workers. And without any experience in the trenches to draw upon, that training will be hard to replicate.” — Sarah Kessler, Reporter Learn More on Quartz >

What we’re reading.

1/ Trump’s immigration policies are turning the world’s artificial intelligence experts away from the US and into the arms of Canadian companies. Learn More on The New York Times >

2/ One of the leading venture capital firms in San Francisco created a resource to help non-technical people understand how AI can help their business. Learn More on Andreessen Horowitz >

3/ On the eve of a massive global cyberattack that’s crippling computers in at least 150 countries, a cybersecurity expert rings the alarm on large governments using AI to launch devastating attacks. Learn More on Harvard Business Review >

4/ Researchers are turning to video games to create more sophisticated AI by exposing it to human-like experiences. Learn More on The Economist >

5/ If Elon Musk’s neuralink makes it possible to control devices with your thoughts, Apple could be in serious trouble. Learn More on Startup Grind >

6/ It turns out that mass automation of jobs in low GDP per-capita countries could actually jumpstart an economy. Learn More on Motherboard >

7/ Far from an alarmist, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that artificial intelligence is a “horizontal enabling layer” that will improve all institutions and organizations. Learn More on Inc. >

Links from the community.

“Will AI Replace Humans? (And Other Takeaways From Collision 2017)” by Tom Samiljan (@SamJam). Learn More on The Visionary >

“No joke, I’d like to see my firm go head-to-head with IBM on A.I” submitted by Ali Zaman (@aliXaman). Learn More on CNBC >

“Grammarly, With $ 110 Million, Brings Artificial Intelligence to Writing” submitted by Mark Philpot (@mark_philpot). Learn More on The Wall Street Journal >

“Mapped: The Top 263 Companies Racing Toward Autonomous Cars” submitted by Derek Embry (@D_Embs). Learn More on WIRED >

“Don’t Fear AI, Fear Human Stupidity” submitted by Dan Yarmoluk (@YarmolukDan). Learn More on CNBC >

“Look Out! Here Comes the Smart LMS” by Margie Meachem (@margiemeachem). Learn More on LearningToGo >

See you soon,

Sam and The Machine Learnings/Journal Team

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