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New Games Of The Week, June 22nd, 2017

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Get ready for a final frontier adventure to drift through on the way to the App Store end zone. This week has quite a variety of genres covered. The early highlights include an ornate adventure, a space battle game, a crazy arcade sports game, a drift racing challenge, and more.

The Little Acre

The Little Acre

Curve Digital Games

An ornate story driven adventure with an endearing style.

A story driven adventure game with detailed hand drawn artwork and deluxe voice acting. The story revolves around the protagonist Lily, who is in search of her missing father. There’s a large and varied journey to embark upon.

Panthera Frontier

Panthera Frontier

Ayopa Games LLC

A tactical battle game set in space with starship battles.

The game is reminiscent of Star Command and FTL as you travel the cosmos, and command your forces. You need to direct your crew to different rooms on your ship during battle to handle offensive and defensive tactics.



Colin Lane Games AB

The maker of Golf Zero has a new crazy arcade sports game.

A physics based arcade sports game. Your goal is to use any means necessary to move the ball into the opponents endzone. The game lets you scrum, jump, wrestle, and push your way forward with crazy physics.

Race Kings

Race Kings

Hutch Games Ltd

A high speed drift racing game from the makers of Smash Cops, MMX Racing, and more.

Drift racing is all about managing momentum as you take curves. The makers of Smash Cops, MMX Racing, and similar driving games have now tried their hand at drift racing. The game emphasizes online multiplayer.

Soar: Tree of Life

Soar: Tree of Life

Channel 4

A relaxing 3D adventure in which you guide a flock of birds.

Guide a flock of birds through over a 3D landscape in this relaxing adventure. Your goal is to restore the seven colors of the tree of life by exploring the skies above the Island of Paradise.



Dilmer Valecillos

A minimalistic puzzle platformer reminiscent of Edge.

Guide a cube through puzzle platformer levels set in a minimalistic environment. The game is reminiscent of Edge as the cube flips around from tilt to tile on the way to the exit.

Clouds Above

Clouds Above

Daniel Zeszut

A relaxing one button game all about tree growth.

Tap the screen for the tree to grow, and try to have it grow as tall as possible. There’s a relaxing quality to the expereince as you rise into the clouds.

Dark Beyond

Dark Beyond

Oliver Papp

Match circles pulled into a gravity field.

A fluid matching game set around a gravity field. New circles are constantly pulled in, and you need to clear them off of the board. Draw a line through connected circles, and stay on top an onslaught of incoming circles.

Age of Rivals

Age of Rivals

Roboto Games

A fast paced card based board game about civilization building.

A strategy based board game that tests your civilization building skills. You need to balance culture, military, defense, and economy as well as contend with outpacing your opponent.



Rawples Studio OU

Draw a path to guide a baby fox to its destination.

A path drawing puzzle game that is all about making a route for a baby fox to reach the exit point of a level. As you advance, there will be different ink types to draw with for special path abilities.

Astro Chimp

Astro Chimp

Broken Totem Studios Ltd

Guide a chimp through the Astro Chimp Space Program.

A twitch based platformer that comes down to the right timing. You need to run, jump, and swing past all kinds of obstacles. The main challenge is releasing from a swing at the right moment.

Flick Champions Extreme Sports

Flick Champions Extreme Sports

NAWIA GAMES Sp. z o.o.

The Flick Champion series of touch based sports returns with an Extreme outing.

Flick Champions began with Olympics inspired sports for both summer and winter games. Now, they’re offering Extreme Sports. The game includes rock climbing, parkour, wingsuit, surfing, and paintball.

Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth

Hopeless 3

Upopa Entertainment Ltd

The third installment of cute little blobs trying to rescue their brethren.

Cute little blobs are out to save others. In the third installment, you get a side scrolling shoot ’em up. The blobs ride in a mine cart, and you need to shoot all kinds of enemies.

Piggy Wiggy: Puzzle Game

Piggy Wiggy

Yury Koshechkin

A cute physics puzzle game with a wide variety of challenges.

An all new physics puzzle game in which your goal is to guide the cute little piggies to the acorns. There are multiple mechanics in play that revolve in making links between the pigs and objects in the environment.


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