Outlook for Mac 2016 Gaining Delivery Notifications, Send Later Option, and More

And everyone who has requests for the web usually wants them done right away, not two hours from now, because God forbid someone does any planning or communicating in advance when they need something on the website at a specific date and time. I can just see it now: “He read my email, but hasn’t responded yet! I am outraged! My request is the most important request!”

That’s precisely the reason why I never honor requests for read receipts. The great thing about email (being an asynchronous mode of communication) is that I can choose to respond (or not) on my schedule. If someone wants something right now they can try to contact me by chat, if my presence status is “available”.

Where is CalDAV and CardDAV support?
I don’t understand why Apple’s mail apps can’t handle attachments like Outlook. It’s SO much better having them at the top of the message and not a giant icon you have to search for at the bottom of long threads. Would be nice to have both options – inline attachments (a la Apple), and message attachments (a la Outlook). Especially for business email.

This will make many businesses very happy! Those were the most asked questions when I came at offices as an Apple Consultant.

Not really. If you have a volume license (not 365), features like Send Later won’t work. If you have your own Exchange server and it isn’t Exchange 2016 CU5 or later – it won’t work.

As usual, Mac Outlook is FAR behind the Windows version.

I like the new features listed. The Apple Mail app needs to gain some new features as well, in my opinion.

It sure does! I would LOVE “send later” and “read receipts” in Apple Mail.

Send later is HUGE for me. I can’t wait to try it out!

Me too, now I can make my boss and colleagues think I’m working late when I’m sat in the garden drinking a beer

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