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Deleting History on Your Device

1 – Clear History Log On Your Router

This is probably the technically correct way to clear all history off arouter, but does require logging into the settings and find Logs, System Logs,Event Logs or some similar setting.This might seem intimidating to non technical users, but really isn’t thathard. Here are the general steps for getting into your router settings:Step 1 – Get Router Login Details – Check the back of the router for a stickerthat looks something like this:The router login/admin/password below it are what you use to get into therouter settings. Note them down. See here for logging into a router remotelyif you don’t have physical access to get the login details.Step 2 – Log Into Your Router – Type the default Login IP on the back of therouter into any browser address bar of any device connected to it. Often192.168.0.1 or Use a network cable or WPS to connect ifeverything has been reset and you’ve lost access via Wi-Fi. Then a box shouldcome up for you to type in the admin/password, which again should be now aslisted on the back of the router. This should take you to the router settingspage.Step 3 – Find & Delete Logs – Once you are inside the router settings, you arelooking for Logs, Event Logs, Administrator Logs, System Logs or somethingsimilar. It might be under Advanced or Administrator or System Tools settings,but it varies with every router and you might need to explore the menus alittle bit to find it.It’ll look something like this:This screenshot is from a much older router model, but the general idea willbe the same – the router will display a log of all activity. Sometimes it willlook like a mass of non-decipherable techno “mumbo-jumbo”, and sometimes italso stays at a very high level, just tracking data packets.Other routers do have options where an advanced user could dive into the logsand actually see what websites have been visited by which device.It varies greatly between routers, but either way, to be totally sure, youwill want to clear all event logs to make sure any history that is stored onthe router is wiped off. There will be an option to “Clear Log” that you needto select to do this. Make sure you select the option to clear ALL logs aswell to make sure. The router interface will ask you to confirm this – press Yes to clear thelogs and wipe all history.

2 – Factory Reset Your Router To Delete All History

If you can’t find the router event logs, or would rather not be messing aroundlogging into the router, then try the next solution below of a factory reset.All routers have an option to perform a full factory reset, which wipes allsettings and history, and returns it to it’s “out the box” state like when itfirst shipped from the factory.Different routers have a different process for doing this; let’s cover the twomain scenarios:Scenario

1 – The router’s got a simple reset button somewhere prominent, and

also a reset/factory reset hole somewhere else. This is pretty clear. Thereset button quickly resets the router (you shouldn’t lose anyusernames/passwords/data). The reset hole is what you push a pin into for thefull reset (will wipe history and settings). Push a safety pin into it for10-20 seconds to initiate the full reset.It often looks something like this:Scenario

Use a VPN To Hide Your Browsing History

If you don’t like the idea of your ISP storing your browsing history on yourrouter, and also on their own servers, then you can use a Virtual PrivateNetwork or VPN to secure your browsing data from your provider.VPNs are a piece of software that encrypt all your browsing data in a securevirtual tunnel, to prevent it being accessed or tracked by ISPs orauthorities.Without a VPN, internet providers can see everything you do online, and yourrouter will also store this data until you clear the logs or factory reset it.When using a VPN, your ISP will not be able to tell which sites you arevisiting online. They might be able to see that data is being transferred, andperhaps the volume, but not what specifically that data is or where it iscoming from. A VPN anonymizes your online browsing, so history cannot bestored on your router, nor by your ISP remotely.There are loads of different premium VPN services available now, all of whichdo a pretty similar job. We’ve picked a couple of providers below that readerscan pursue if they are interested in adding more layers to their onlineprivacy and security.Some Paid VPN Services – Click to Compare (affiliate links)Provider| Price (12 months paid in advance)| Number of servers/countries|Number of Devices Allowed| Main Benefits —|—|—|—|— Vypr VPN| $3.75/month| 700+/70+| 5| Speed Surfshark| $2.50/month (24 months)| 3200+/65| Unlimited| Cheap and 30 day riskfree trial CactusVPN| $3.20/month| 35/22| 5| Cheap price NordVPN| $6.99/month| 5300+/61| 6| Choice of Servers & Double Encryption Express VPN| $8.32/month| 1700+/94| 3| Streaming blocked services. *Offers and Flash Deals are very common with VPNs, so if you click the links to check the price, you may often find a better deal than the one listed.*See here for our full review of the VyprVPN service.Signing up for a VPN is usually very easy. You simply visit their site (clickon one of our links for each provider), sign up, pay your subscription,download their product and boot up the program.Once running you simply select a preferred server location and open the VPNconnection. You now have a secure connection that no one else on that Wi-Finetwork can see or access.VPNs are a great tool to use for online security in general, to make publicWi-Fi browsing safer, and for improving any aspect of online privacy,including stopping the router level logging of your online activity.

2: Restoring the Device

Restoring the device needs to be perform which will restore the settings ofyour JioFi device. This will solve the red signal issue of your JioFi devicein no time.Just follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Just connect your computer to JioFi router and then navigate to web browser such as- Chrome, Safari, Opera or IE. 2. Just type the URL in the address bar: http://jiofi.local.html and login through you id and password credentials provided. Default id and password is administrator through which you can access the settings panel. 3. Now, you have to simply click on the user management tab located in the left side and click on the restore settings as shown in the image below.After following these simple steps mentioned above, you can see your JioFidevice will work smoothly as it was working before and you will be able toenjoy uninterrupted internet services on all of your devices connected to theJioFi router. There is no need to worry and panic if your device is notworking, you can just simply hard reset the device by simply following theeasy steps which are earlier mentioned in this article and you will see yourdevice will work exactly like before.The response of JioFi router is amazing and people are showing love for thisrouter which gives you unlimited internet access. The JioFi also features adecent battery life which usually lasts for 6 hours if it is fully charged. Soit is recommended to full charge this device if you are travelling. In termsof its performance also, it boasts a whopping download speed of 150 mbps atits peak which will offer you unlimited movie and songs download on the go.

How to solve Red Signal issue of JioFi device

4G has already arrived in India and major telecom players are continuouslycoming up with their own devices and offers to lure the Indian telecomconsumer base through their internet strategy. According to the recent stats,the demand for the internet and its related services is growing drasticallysince last 2 years and Indian telecom users are continuously demanding forHigh Speed Internet Services.The Reliance Jio which has attracted consumers through its alluring andaffordable 4G plans has now almost occupied major consumer base of the Indiantelecom sector. It had been almost an year, since Reliance launched their 4GVOLTE supported portable WiFi router which can allow you to connect multipledevices simultaneously and can enjoy uninterrupted internet servicesincluding- HD voice and Video Calls. The JioFi has already now become the mostdemanding WiFi router in the telecom market.We have already boasted enough about the Jio and its WiFi Router. But there issome bad news!!lot of consumers are facing issues and bugs related to thisdevice. One of the major issue that we will be covering through this articleis Issue of Red Signal. Don’t Worry!! That’s very simple to solve and thisarticle will really help you in getting your JioFi device work like before.This article features two points which will guide you to various steps tosolve this issue. Please strictly follow these steps to solve the red signalissue of your JioFi router.

Deleting History on Your Device

Remember also that if you delete your history on a router, you still need todelete it on the device as well if you want to totally get rid of it.Here are the general steps to do this for major browsers: * Firefox – Click the 3 lines burger icon on the far top right of the screen, then click Options…..Privacy & Security and move down to Cookies & Site Data. Click Clear Data, check the Cached Web Content box and click Clear. Then refresh page and see if video loads. See here. * Chrome – Click the 3 dots More icon at the top right, then click More Tools…..Clear Browsing Data. Choose a time range. Make sure the “cached images and files” box is checked and click Clear data. See hereThe general process is very similar for most other browsers. “Ctrl + H” is acommon shortcut to bring history up right away.”

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