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Hopefully, this article has helped you fix your issue. If you have anyquestions or you confused by some of the steps then leave a comment in thesection below. Did you find a solution that wasn’t here? Then leave a commentbelow and I will add it to this list.Make sure you share this article using the Social Media buttons on this page.If you have any friends or family who may need this then make sure you tellthem.Wi-Fi Unable to Join the Network Error on iPhone & iPadSo you’re trying to connect your iPhone or iPad to a Wi-Fi Network but you getthe error message ‘Unable to Join Network’ error. It can be even morefrustrating when you have the right Wi-Fi password.This error occurs on all iPhone models so no one is safe. In this article I’llbe going through the relevant solutions it takes in order to fix this issue.I’ll be listing them from most effective to the least effective.

Turn off and on Wi-Fi on your iPad or iPhone

The problem could be that the Wi-Fi software on your iPhone or iPad could befaulty. By turning on and off the Wi-Fi it may help fix this temporary issue.I’m sure you have already tried this but give it a go again. It may be worthit.To do this: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Tap on Wi-Fi. 3. Toggle it off then on.

Update your iOS Software

We know that Apple usually roll out software updates all the time. It may bepossible that you have missed one of these updates and you’re facing thiserror as a consequence.If your iOS software is out of date that this can cause the code in youriPhone to malfunction.In order to Update iOS Software: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Scroll down and tap on general 3. Tap on Software Update 4. Select Download and InstallWhen your iPhone is Checking for a Software Update, your iOS device should sayChecking for Update. If there’s isn’t an available update then you shouldknow.

Force Restart your iPhone

You’ll be surprised by how effective a force restart is. This solution can beused to fix most problems on most iOS devices. It also helps troubleshoot theproblem at hand. If you Force Restart your iOS device then you know that thecause of the problem was a temporary software glitch.If you are on the iPad then here is a guide on how to Force Restart your iPad.If you are using an iPhone then look below. If you are on any iPhone X or 8model then here is a guide on how to do so. Once you have done this, youshould be able to join your preferred network.If you are on an older model: 1. Hold on the Sleep/Wake button. 2. Do this while holding on the Power Button. 3. Wait until you see the Apple logo. Now, wait for 30 seconds until your iPhone/iPad goes back to normal. Check outthe following guide if your iPhone gets stuck on a black screen. If you arestill ‘Unable to Join the Network’ then go onto the next solution.

HomePod WiFi Problems | MacRumors Forums

Okay so I have royally screwed up my entire ecosystem of Apple products. Thelast several weeks my iPad has been unable to connect to my WiFi at home. Itried everything; resetting network settings on the iPad, changing my SSID andnetwork password, I checked the blocked devices list for my router,everything. My iPad still doesn’t work on my home WiFi, but that’s besides thepoint. In changing my network settings, my HomePod was disconnected from myWiFi and now she just keeps telling me “Sorry, I’m having WiFi issues. Openthe HomeKit app for more information.” However all the HomeKit app tells me isthat it is unable to connect to the device. I tried resetting it by unpluggingit and holding my finger on top until the three beeps per the instructionsonline and that did not resolve the issue either. The next thing I read onlinewas that you can restore your HomePod by deleting it from HomeKit. So I didthat. However now I feel that I have only made the problem worse. I haveessentially bricked my HomePod. When I try to hold my phone near it to bringup the setup menu it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure how to fix it! The damnthing doesn’t have a single button or a screen or anything which leaves mefeeling very lost. So now I have a HomePod and an iPad that do not properlywork. If anyone has any suggestions on how to restore the HomePod or get it toreconnect to WiFi, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks!Unable to connect to a WiFi Public NetworkI am unable to connect to the WiFi network operated at the Tampa, Floridaairport (TPA). This airport operates a free guest services WiFi internetconnection service. See .I am using an HP dv7t-2000 laptop. This laptop uses Windows 7 Home PremiumEdition and IE 10.I am able to use this computer to connect to multiple other WiFi networkswithout problems. I was able to connect to the Tampa Airport WiFi network forthe past three years until about 4 months ago. I have used Windows utilitiesto direct this computer to log on to the Tampa WiFi network. I have use theTPA web site sited above to go to the log in page for TPA’s WiFi networkwithout success. The furthest I have gotten is to show that I am connect butaccess is not available. I look around and ask others at TPA if they areexperiencing problem and they have no problem. On my last trip I used myAndriod smartphone to log on without problem.Whatever the block is, it seems to be on my computer.I am posting this same message on the HP community board and have emailed thisinformation to the administrator at TPA.Thanks,Marvin MulliganCan iPad WiFi connect to a Hotspot?Hi guys, thanks,Yes, I know the cellular carrier. The cell tower, I’m told, has only beenthere for a month, before that, they had nothing.But MiFi’s will work, as I mentioned earlier on in this thread, I used afriend’s connection when I was there, and I was impressed.He told me the following (I’ll edit out the unnecessary parts). He said:”As for the MiFi, when you buy the thing, it comes with default username andpassword which you can change when you connect it to your computer. You nameyour network and specify your own password.From my own experience, simple browsing and emailing don’t gobble up yourcredit, but downloads do. It’s difficult to measure, but it seems that 1GB ofdata costs around $10 on the Smart (cellular) network here. Sounds a lot, butthey have a function to convert $1 of phone credit to $30 of internet credit.You put your MiFi SIM in your phone and dial *656*100

. The downside of that

conversion is that the $30 credit lasts only about a week.”That’s what he said, important to note he was using a Samsung laptop. Perhapsthat’s why he needed to use the phone? But an iPad has more capability, makinga phone unnecessary? (I already have one phone, which is an old, discontinuedmodel, but I’m satisfied with it).I’ve read pages 68 & 69 of (I think it’s) the latest User Guide- iOS 9.1I’ll get there! You’ve been tremendous help!Portable Wifi For iPadPortable wifi for iPad is the ideal solution for those people who own thewireless only version of the Apple iPad. Even if you own the wireless/3gversion, having your own hotspot for the iPad is not only cheaper but moreconvenient due to the ability to share the connection with other devices suchas the iPhone which most people also carry around with them.Confused about the differences? I’ll quickly explain before moving on. Thewireless only iPad can connect to wireless networks (wifi). You might have oneat home or in the office but they’re not portable. The wireless/3g network canconnect to a wireless network as well as a 3g networks in Australia (it’s thenetwork your mobile phone operates on).While the wireless/3g version is great for having portable access, it can’t beshared amongst other devices! A pain if you want to use your iPhone or sharethe Internet with friends at a cafe or at work/uni.You can avoid all that trouble by just using the wireless function on theiPad. This will mean you can connect all your devices to the portable hotspot.Connecting to the device is really simple as well! I’ll show you how toconnect to it in the following pictures (I’m using an iPhone 4 for thisexample but it’s the same process you follow on the iPad).1) Select the settings tab on your iPad.2) Next, press the Wi-Fi button as indicated in the highlighted section. 3) You will now need to select the appropriate wireless network name (myVodafone pocket wifi is named JonPocketWifi in this example) and enter in thepassword to connect to the hotspot. 4) Hit back to confirm your iPad has connected to the correct network and thatthe wireless icon is displayed in the menu bar at the top. That’s it! Because the iPad and iPhone use the same operating system, it’s theexact same process. If you want to connect to your portable pocket wifihotspot on a laptop, it’s a very similar, straight forward procedure.Now you’ll have portable wifi for iPad as well as other devices you or otherpeople have with them. It really solves the issue of only one device beingconnected to the Internet and in this day and age, it’s pretty common for usto have numerous devices we need to access the Internet on.My best suggestion for portable wifi for iPad (or any other device for thatmatter) is the pocket wifi from Vodafone. Be sure to watch my Vodafone PocketWifi Review done in video. It covers off on everything you need to know aboutthis product before making your purchase.Wi-Fi Unable to Join the Network Error on iPhone & iPadSo you’re trying to connect your iPhone or iPad to a Wi-Fi Network but you getthe error message ‘Unable to Join Network’ error. It can be even morefrustrating when you have the right Wi-Fi password.This error occurs on all iPhone models so no one is safe. In this article I’llbe going through the relevant solutions it takes in order to fix this issue.I’ll be listing them from most effective to the least effective.

Reset Network Settings

It’s self-explanatory really. Network Settings are correlated to settingswhich are related to networks. So this can be your Wi-Fi, Data or Bluetooth.When you reset network settings, your iPhone or iPad will reset any smallsoftware issue that are causing the ‘Unable to Join the Network’ error.Remember that once you do this, you will have to enter in the W-Fi passwordagain. There may also be other changes you may want to make in your Settings.How to Fix Wi-Fi ‘Unable to Join the Network’ error on iPhone/iPad: 1. Go to Settings on your iOS device. 2. Scroll down and tap on General. 3. Tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings. 4. Enter your password to confirm.Once you have done this. Put in your Wi-Fi password again and check if you areable to join your chosen Wi-Fi Network.”

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