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Part 4 Common Checks to Fix Android Wi Fi Authentication Problem

1. Change Wireless Network Configuration from DHCP to Static

An IP conflict can cause any type of connection to drop, regardless of thewireless router you use. Even the Android devices can face such kind of issue,giving you authentication error. Solve this issue by changing the setting fromDHCP, which is the default setting, to Static IP.Step 1: Open Settings and choose the Wi-Fi connection.Step 2: Long press on the Wi-Fi name and choose Modify Network.Step 3: Check the Show Advanced Settings box and then look for IP settings.Now, change the network from DHCP to Static.Step 4: You will see an IP address field below. Note down and save theinformation that is in the static IP address field and then delete it.Step 5: After a few seconds, re-enter the same information and then save it.Contact your service provider if you are unsure of the settings that aredisplayed.

3. Reset Network Settings

One of the simplest solutions is to reset the network settings of your Androiddevice. All the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile network settings will be reset tothe factory settings.Step 1: Open Settings and go to Backup & Reset.Step 2: Next, go to the Network Reset settings option.Step 3: Tap on Reset Settings and wait for the process to complete.Step 4: Once the process completes, open the Wi-Fi settings and try to connectto the Wi-Fi network.

Part 4. Common Checks to Fix Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

Just like most of the issues, there cannot be a single solution for the Wi-Fiauthentication problem. If you want to use the simple ways first, try thesefollowing solutions one by one for solving the Android Wi-Fi authenticationproblem.

7. Check the Network Name for Duplicates

Often the authentication problem occurs when the username and password of thewireless network do not match. You might be confident of entering the rightpassword, but the chances are that you are connecting to the wrong networkwith a similar name.If you are connecting to some other wireless network by mistake, you willdefinitely experience this error. The only solution for this is to change thenetwork name (if you are on the home wireless network) to avoid any confusion.Now check if your device is able to connect to the wireless network.ConclusionThese are the top solutions for solving the authentication problem. Aftertrying the above methods, we hope your device successfully got connected tothe desired wireless network. You need to follow the steps carefully in orderto solve this problem or you can give a try on Fixppo for Android. Theauthentication error can occur at any time, but now you know what to do whenit occurs in the future.

Part 3. 6 Advanced Ways to Fix Authentication Problem on Android

Most users do not want to waste time trying too many ways to fix this, so theadvanced ways are recommended first.

2. Restart the Router

Sometimes the electronic devices start working correctly when restarted. Allthe elements in the device will start afresh, thereby solving the issues youare facing. So, try to restart the router to see if you are able to connectyour device to the Wi-Fi network.Step 1: Press the switch and turn off the wireless router. Wait for a fewminutes and then turn on the router.Step 2: It will take time before any device can connect to the router.Step 3: Now, connect your device and check if the connection is established.

3. Use WPS Push Button

WPS, also known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup, is a security standard for creatinga home network without any password.Step 1: Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Advanced Settings. Dependingon your modes, you can find multiple WPS options.Step 2: Tap on a WPS Push-button. WPS setup, waiting for configuration fromyour router, will appear on your screen.Step 3: On your router, press the WPS button and wait for the connection toestablish.”

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