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Watch YouTube Shorts On PC and Tablet [3 Simple Ways]

Everyone nowadays loves small and quick videos, isn’t it true? Anyway since the beginning of TikTok short video platforms have evolved into a hit among smartphone users. When TikTok was prohibited in India the previous year, there was no famous option to it at that time, but this rapidly altered.

After Instagram Reels, Google also divided into this bandwagon with its own short video characteristic integrated into the YouTube app. People like to make and upload YouTube shorts on phones and Android phones.

However, can you utilize it only on mobile? Well, here I am telling you some ways to watch YouTube Shorts on PC or tablet.

Watch YouTube Shorts on PC


  1. See YouTube Shorts on your PC
  • 1) by Using Hashtag in URL
  • 2) By Checking on Youtube
  • 3) Bonus Trick; Search videos Specifically
  1. How to Upload Shorts from your PC

Even like different short video platforms, YouTube shorts are formulated mainly for mobile phones users and that is why its videos are in vertical format. However, if somebody is browsing YouTube on PC and likes to search for some shorts as well, is there any strategy that he can do this? Well yes! Read on to discover three such strategies.

1; By Using Hashtag in URL

Initially, you can search all Shorts videos on the YouTube platform on the PC by making a minor difference in Youtube’s URL on your browser. Here is how:

1,Open Youtube on any of your browsers on the PC.

2, Then in the address bar after, write /hashtag/shorts and click enter.

It is so simple. Youtube will immediately show all the shorts videos with the total number of videos as well as channels that are making shorts. You can tap on either to start watching.

2. Searching on Youtube

There is another such simple trick that will help you to discover Shorts videos on YouTube on your desktop or computer or pc. Rather than typing in the address bar, you can shortly search in the Youtube search bar. Follow these points to search shorts:

1. Open on the PC or desktop.

2. Then, in the search bar above, write #Shorts and click enter.

Once again, you will see Shorts videos from across Youtube and from all the creators.

Still, if you need to search for a particular video type of shorts or shorts of some specific creator, there is another easy trick for you.

3. Premium Tip: Search videos Specifically 

In case you need to see a particular type or for a specific creator for Shorts accordingly you can also search that in the search bar. Here is how? 

Open and write the creator’s name or video section in the search bar after the #shorts. It should be something like this: #shorts + gadgets.

Once you enter this phrase and click enter, you will see all the videos from that category or creator. You can blend this with any category videos you prefer such as “Funny, Gadgets, Dance” etc.

How to Upload Shorts from PC?

Another interesting question is  `how to upload YouTube Shorts from your PC? If you look at Youtube creator studio on your pc to upload a video from your PC, you won’t glimpse any “Shorts upload” trait there. So what can you do now?

Reasonably, there is nothing unique about uploading shorts from a PC. All you require to do is just follow the Youtube Shorts video format and upload it like a normal video.

So, you should notice that this video should be up to 60 seconds in duration and it is to be shot in vertical position i.e. with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Moreover, use #shorts while uploading it.

Yet, there are some drawbacks to uploading Shorts from a PC, especially when you can not add music, text, slow-mo, etc details and you can’t record videos in real-time. However there is no option to play YouTube shorts in background till now.

So this was all about how to watch YouTube Shorts on PC or tablet. For further such tips and tricks, keep in touch.

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